Why people choose Smart Hire Now.

What Our Candidates and Employers Say


Smart Hire Now was an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way, and truly had my best interests at heart. As an intermediary, they worked hard to get both parties into an amicable position before anything was signed. From an employee’s point of view, I highly recommend Smart Hire and their services to anyone one in need.

Nicholas DePasquale, Director of Marketing, Kaufman Realty


The entire team at Smart Hire Now was indispensable in making sure I had numerous choices of candidates for my General Manager search. I could only find 1 to 2 candidates on my own and they brought me over 10 to review!

David DeJesus, Owner of JRG Hospitality

Smart Hire’s unique industry knowledge of how my competitors were compensating employees allowed me to make offers to candidates that were enticing and allowed me to hire top level talent. I had no idea I was underpaying until they brought it to my attention. I now have my lowest turnover rate in years.

John Millorsen

When I approached Smart Hire Now about finding me a new Safety Coordinator and Human Resource Officer, they outperformed my request. They found me a candidate that had the skills and experience to fill both roles. The hire saved me an entire $40K salary and I couldn’t have been happier! Their ability to problem solve with me was crucial!

D.M., B&L Transport